Genie (on trial)

Hi, I’m Genie… if you give me a home you’ll just know that all of your wishes have come true! With a wiggle of my nose and a nod of my head, I’ll charm my way right into your heart. I’m a sweet, affectionate girl with good manners to boot! I’ve been very friendly with everyone and everything new that I’ve met so far – big dogs, small dogs and even tiny humans! I’m just an all-round gentle girl with a lot of love to give.

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Hi, I’m Austin. I like to think I’m a bit of an international man of mystery… the only crime I’m really interested in solving is why I don’t have a home of my very own yet. I’m a pretty groovy guy, with a fab sense of fashion (I mean, have you seen my pyjamas?). I like to chill and party with my toys in equal measure… you’ll see, I’m a bit of a loveable goof. I’m good with other big doggos, but those small fluffy ones – they’re just not my bag, baby!

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Pam (on trial)

Hi, I’m Pam and I am looking for my forever home! I like to consider myself quite the foodie – my major talent is pinching sniffing out any kind of food, and I’d love it if you let me take on the job of ‘chief taste tester’ in my new home. So, what I’m really looking for is a family that likes to be in the kitchen, or maybe you’re the type of people that love going out for Sunday brunch? I’m definitely down for anything that involves food! But you wouldn’t know it with my petite little frame! I am very affectionate and loving with people but small fluffy dogs get me a bit too excited, so it would be best if my new family didn’t have any of those. Who needs them right? More snacks for me!

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Oliver (homed)

Hi there, I’m Oliver and I’ve been dreaming of my forever home. When I got to Greyhound Rescue, I wasn’t in the best shape but with the love and care of the volunteers here, I’m feeling better than ever! I haven’t seen much of this big wide world but I’m finding all of these new things very exciting! They’ve given me all of these toys to play with and it’s just the best fun, I’ve not had anything to play with before. Oh, and cuddles and meeting other dogs and going in the car – just wow! Even if you have some tiny humans and your place, I think that would be just greyt for me too.  Read More »

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Hey, I’m Markie… but a lot of people call me Markie Mark. I suppose they think that’s funny… but just between you and me I really am looking for my very own ‘Funky Bunch’ to call my own. I’m a laid back kind of guy with a little bit of a cheeky streak, oh, and I just love my toys (even better if they squeak) so I’m hoping my forever home comes well stocked with those (hint hint)! I’m also super friendly, I get along with everyone I meet so if you’ve got a big or small doggy friend for me or even kids, that would be alright by me!

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It’s tax time!

Mina here is busy boning up on Australian tax law to make sure she’s across things now the end of financial year is upon us.

You see, Greyhound Rescue could really use your help. We receive no government funding, and our vet bills, kennel bills, food bills and more just keep on mounting. Yes, it’s the same old story, but try as she might, Mina just can’t balance the books. There’s so much money going out and not enough coming in, which is exactly … er … where YOU come in.

An end-of-financial-year donation will not only help us (so, so much), it will actually help you, too. Donations at this time of year allow you to reduce your taxable income. Plus, it’s no secret that giving simply makes you feel good – studies show altruism has real mental and physical benefits (so you get the warm fuzzies by helping to keep our fuzzy hounds warm!)

So when you’re finalising things for the end of the tax year, please spare a thought for Mina’s fellow houndies, desperately waiting not only for her to get through these textbooks, but for their forever homes as well.

You can donate via bank transfer or PayPal (although please keep in mind PayPal charges fees so we don’t get all of your generosity.).

If you do transfer, please also email to let us know you’ve donated.

Account Name:  Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012 289
Account No: 524 792 379
Reference: Donation

Thank you! 

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Hi, I’m Houndie The Kid, or just Kid for short. Now, I try not to be an outlaw, but I can tell you that I will steal your heart! With my striking brindle coat, how could you resist me! I’m a friendly, chilled, and curious guy that loves a good cuddle. Oh, I love to play too, so if you come with squeaky toys – I’ll be your friend forever! I’m also a rather social chap so if you have other large dogs or even tiny humans that would be just fine by me, just none of the small fluffy kind of dogs please – they cramp my style! Read More »

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Hello! I’m Jasper, when I arrived at Greyhound Rescue I was happy to be enjoying the rescue life… but I had a little setback that slowed me down finding my forever home. You see, I had a prior injury that meant I kept dislocating my front toe – OUCH! They tried to fix it, but it kept happening so the Vet made a tough call to amputate my toe so I wouldn’t keep hurting myself anymore. The good news is, my foot has healed really well and I’m ready to find my forever home! My operation certainly hasn’t slowed me down or affected my good looks. When it comes to other dogs, I’m not really into sharing the limelight, I prefer to be the centre of attention, can you blame me? It’s all about me after all! .

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The Blaze Memorial Fund

This story doesn’t have a “happily ever after”… Beautiful Blaze – a happy, playful and cheeky boy passed away peacefully this weekend in the arms of our Kennel Manager and GR founder.

He never knew the comfort of a home, nor found his forever home, but he was so loved by our dedicated team of volunteers. He knew human kindness and spent the last of his days safe and surrounded with love thanks to our team. When Blaze wasn’t acting like his usual bouncy self, an MRI revealed a large and inoperable spinal tumour. The kindest thing to do was to let him pass the Rainbow Bridge and stop his suffering.

Blaze never got his fairytale ending, which is heartbreaking. Our volunteers and supporters want nothing more than to find loving homes for all of our hounds and are devastated that beautiful Blaze will never get to find his forever home.

We would like to make a memorial tribute to Blaze, to remind us all to live life to the fullest like Blaze did. Additionally, we have to cover nearly $7000 in bills from Blaze’s treatment. With extra funds, we would like to get some new enrichment toys for all of our Hounds who are left behind, in memory of Blaze, who loved nothing more than  a new toy to play with.


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Annie (Greenhound – on trial)

Hi there, I’m Annie. I’m a rather special hound – you see, I’m already a Greenhound which means no muzzles for me! Unfortunately, my owner couldn’t keep me anymore so that’s how I found myself at Greyhound Rescue HQ. I’ve been in a home for the past few years, so I’m already an expert on how to be a pet. This means I’m already expert in all things domestic – like being toilet trained, walkies and even hanging out with tiny humans, I just take it all in my stride. Besides learning to be a good housemate, I’ve really been practising my ‘woe face’ so you won’t be able to resist my charms! I’m a bit confused by what’s going on at the moment, so it’s probably best that I’m the centre of your attention while I get re-settled.

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