Toby (on trial)

I’m Toby and I’m an older boy who is looking for someone who doesn’t expect me to do very much… you see I’d much rather spend most of my time snoozing the day away, get up for a snack, a bit of a wander and then back to bed again. In fact, what you need me for is making sure your couch doesn’t fly away, I’m a  professional couch ornament! What I’m looking for is a quiet home where I can spend my retirement years, preferably without any young whipper snappers. I love belly rubs, roaching, any kind of chicken snack -Mc Nuggets will make me putty in your hands (but I’m only supposed to get those as a sometimes treat – how rude!). I’d really suit a home with someone who can keep me company more hours than not – I can be a bit of a sooky homebody.  Read More »

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Help Iona Heal

Iona needs our help to heal

Iona came to Greyhound Rescue just recently, and has shown herself to be an incredibly sweet and affectionate lady. After a prior injury left her predisposed to dislocating her toe, and after repeated dislocations, vets made the tough call to amputate the toe in order to save her from future pain and suffering.

To date, Iona’s vet bills are over $1500 and will continue to climb as she needs ongoing veterinary care, and possible physiotherapy, while she starts along the road to recovery.


Iona is described by everyone who meets her as a sweet and affectionate dog who just loves the company of people. She deserves a loving forever home with a family who will give her all the love and ear scratches that she can get, and at just three years old Iona is just a young pup with plenty of ear scratching time ahead of her.

We need to raise the money to cover her surgery and ongoing care. Greyhound Rescue isn’t government funded, in fact, we rely entirely on kind donors just like you in order for us to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these gorgeous dogs.

Can you make a tax-deductible donation to help Iona heal?


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Spoil your hound with our delicious pupcake recipe!

Every hound’s “Gotcha Day” is a cause for celebration! Why not celebrate like Joey and Elly Mae with a dog-friendly cake recipe that it not only tasty, it’s also safe for humans to eat too! Read More »

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Hi! I’m Buddy and that’s probably the best name anyone could have given me because I definitely want to be everyone’s friend! I’m what you call a real velcro dog, I like to keep really close to people and follow them everywhere – that’s how you get all the cuddles, right? Apart from being tall, dark and handsome, I’m a sweet, affectionate boy and I walk well on lead. I’ve been just ‘greyt‘ with the other greyhounds I’ve met so far, so if you’ve got a fur-sibling for me, that would be A-OK.

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Hi there, I’m Pickles! I’m a handsome goofball looking for my forever home… or I should say LISTENING for my forever home. With my big radar ears, I don’t miss much of what’s going on. Well, they tend to have a mind of their own but you know you really have my attention when they shoot straight up in the air! I’ve got a real zest for life and love going on long walks mixed in with the occasional zoomie or two. I’ve been friendly with all of the new greyhounds I’ve met so far too.

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Foster carers give the gift of love to homeless hounds

All Rescues need great foster carers – and Greyhound Rescue is no different.  One such foster carer is Julie-Ann Duncan.   Julie has so far fostered 4 greyhounds since she joined is just over a year ago!  All 4 are in wonderful homes and it’s due to the work Julie has done with them to get them ready for home life.  We also can’t forget Harrison the red cattle dog who is a wonderful foster brother to the greyhounds that come into Julie’s care

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Keep your ‘hot dog’ cool this summer!

With summer on the way and forecasts climbing, it’s important to remember that furry family members feel the heat even more than we do. Temperatures that are merely uncomfortable for us can be life-threatening for dogs, making canine cooling techniques absolutely essential at this time of year. 

But don’t feel you have to hole up in air conditioning to keep Fido from overheating. There are many great activities you can enjoy together outdoors, too. Here are our top five fun ways to keep dogs cool in hot weather.  Read More »

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Keep your furry friend cool with our easy to make ‘pupsicles’

Pupsicles are a cool treat that are fun for you to make and for your dog to enjoy! They’re simple and quick to make,  they’ve only got four ingredients and take about ten minutes to throw together.

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Sydney’s best dog beaches you simply have to visit!

Dog-friendly beaches are a summertime paradise for pooches, and best of all they’re more common than you think!

Sure, many of Sydney’s most iconic beaches don’t allow pups, but you’ll find several harbour beaches, bays and lagoons where your dog can get his fur salty.

Once your pooch has dog-paddled, stick-collected and butt-sniffed to his heart’s content, why not let him feel the sand between his paws on a short stroll to dry off?

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Timmy (on trial)

Hi there! I’m Tiny Tim – well, really it’s officially Timmy, they just call me that because I’m a rather petite little guy. That’s OK though – who says size matters? It just means I’ll be able to fit on your couch that much easier!

This big wide world is so new to me so I can be a little shy to begin with. I like to take my time to get used to new situations and people but once I get to know you I’m really very sweet. So far I’ve been getting on greyt with the other greyhounds I meet – maybe you have a fur-sibling for me? I haven’t met any kids yet but they should be OK too as long as they’re a little bit older so they understand I may need some time and space to get used to this business of being a pet.
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