Paddy’s new home

About a month ago Paddy, our fabulous blue boy and now called  Willoughby, found a new home at Collaroy Plateau on the Northern beaches of Sydney. His new owner Rowena, writes:

‘At last a moment to send you an update of our lovely, regal Willoughby!  What a beautiful boy!  We

couldn’t have asked for a more gentle and longsuffering companion for our ten month old pup, who
simply adores him and shows him by constantly jumping on him and gently nipping his ears.  He
loves his array of beds, both inside and out; gets extremely excited about his daily walk along the
lake or on the headland and is happiest when fast asleep on his big bed under his blanket.  His
stunning good looks and enviable blue colour makes him a definite talking point whenever he is out.

Thank you for the incredible work you do and for giving us the opportunity of getting to know this
amazing breed – and our Willoughby.’









Have you ever seen happier faces?

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An insight into greyhound racing

When our website was launched recently, we decided we wanted it to be a ‘happy’ one. However, we also feel we should let the public know what happens to many greyhounds in the industry, so that you can make your own decision on whether or how you want to help the greyhounds. There are always greyhounds coming into the Pounds in Sydney, cast offs no longer of any use to the trainers, too slow, too old, etc and if we could find more homes or foster homes, then we would be able to take more greyhounds that come into the Pounds and save their lives, as the alternative is that they are euthanaised by the Pounds. Beautiful creatures that have only lived a fraction of their normal life span and not always in good conditions.

Adopt or foster a greyhound, save a life and get to know how social and affectionate these greyhounds really are.

The link below is graphic but factual.

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Prince strikes it lucky in Tasmania

Early in April, Prince found a new home in Tasmania and has really landed on his feet and we cannot thank his new family enough. His new owner Zac writes:

Just to let you know Prince is loveing his new life. He spends 14 hours a day on my bed. usualy messing it up. he is verry good for warming up our bed for us as well so he is saving us money :). he spends a hour a day down at the local off the leash park witch is about 8 achers. and he meets many frends there. (at least 12 dogs sometimes up to 20) he greets every dog with a wagging tail and a kiss there are some very small dogs taht go to this park which sometimes get a bit scared of him  untill he comes up and gives them a big kiss.  he also loves to visit with our inlaws. they live on a 8 acher block  about 2 hours away form us with 3 lassy dogs. he runs aournd with them and plays alot. Prince is starting to show alot more of his personality witch is a sweet huggie mosnter. He is verry respecitful of all the rules and was easy to teach not to wee inside the house.

I only have to show him once how to do someting and he will do it. He has ajusted well to the tempretre heare in Tasmainia but is starting to feel the cold a bit more. we have made him a sprical jumper from old jumpers which he likes alot. He also has demonstrated that he loves kids which is not hard to beleve considering his loving nature. He defently has fallen in love with his new life and has put on aout 3 kg. He will need to put on another 2 to be at his normal weight limit.



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Life begins at 10

Further to our reports of Remy and Tassie, here are two photos to show that life begins at 10 for them, running off leash in Jindabyne, where it might be cold but that is no problem when you are rugged up and running at 40mph, or close to it!!Tassie







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Handsome William


William was adopted by Nicolle just before our website was launched and after William had spent quite some time in foster care. William is indeed a lucky boy to have found such a wonderful home, so many thanks to Nicolle for giving him that, although as Nicolle says, he has given much back in return.

Nicolle writes of William:

‘William is a beautiful boy, he just wants to be around me, he loves to curl up on his blanket while I type away on my laptop. He loves my flatmates and is now good at climbing the stairs to the upper levels of my townhouse. He loves the car and is a perfect gentleman on the lead, he loves other dogs, all sizes and even kids. 

He is the most popular dog on the street and the kids think he is a horse. He gets lots of pats at my local coffee shop. Before William, I would never have thought about adopting a greyhound. I couldn’t resist his face . Greyhounds are misunderstood, they are couch potatoes that just love to be around people. 

I am committed to spreading the word about these animals as wonderful house pets that don’t need a lot of space and pay you back three fold.


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The animals went in two by two

dsc007501Our two ‘oldies’, Remy who is 10 years old in August and Tassie who was 10 years old last January have been given a wonderful home in Jindabyne by Lois who recently lost her beloved greyhound, Rusty. Thank you so much Lois for giving these greyhounds a new lease of life and with the two together they are good company for each other.



Many people cannot adopt two greyhounds for various reasons, but if you can then they do like each others company, especially if left alone and are wonderful companions for each other. Linda, at Cromer also adopted two beautiful black greyhounds, Chillie and Mooch, who are like two peas in a pod and Linda would not be without them. So a big thank you to Linda for giving Chilli and Mooch such a wonderful, caring home. A photo of Linda, Chilli and Mooch will appear as soon as we have overcome a technical difficulty!! The photo is here at last!!


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Two new greyhounds

Today, Saturday 4th July, we received two new greyhounds from the Pound. They are both beautiful, one is a white red fawn and the other is a white blue fawn and their details will appear as soon as we can get some photos taken. The only problem is that they will have to go into kennels as we do not have any room at home, so if anyone can foster them or one of them we would be most grateful, as kennel bills are mounting up.
We also have to thank Forestville Printing for helping us with some new business cards.

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Oldies go to Jindabyne

On Tuesday, 1st July, I drove Remy and Tassie, our two oldest greyhounds, to a wonderful new home in Jindabyne. Lois, their new owner, had recently lost a much loved greyhound and Remy’s ears reminded her of her beloved Rusty. So Remy’s big ears at last did him a big favour!! And one for Tassie as well!

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Northern Beaches take to greyhounds

This week end Paddy, the beautiful Blue Boy, has gone on a two week trial in Collaroy Plateau, yet another greyhound to hopefully find a home on the Northern Beaches. Most of the greyhound racing action takes place in the western parts of Sydney and it is only recently that people on the Northern Beaches have got to know the greyhound and what wonderful pets they make, after their racing days are over or perhaps never started. Balgowlah, Cromer, Killarney Heights, Collaroy Plateau, so what is the next suburb near the surf to realise what they are missing? However, it is not only the Northern Beaches that are wanting greyhounds as this week we are off to Jindabyne with a couple of oldies. So if you are reading this, keep the good news coming.

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Getting started

Our website is still in its infancy but we are slowly getting started and we would like to thank those of you who have visited the site already. We need to add more dogs and make alterations so please be patient during our teething stages.

The website is already helping us and Snoopy has found a home even before she was put up on the website!! And today, Roy, also not yet on the site has gone to a foster home from kennels. So thank you to Helen from Snoopy and to David and Janet from Roy and ourselves of course.

So far so good and we hope that you will return soon to find out what else has happened.

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