It’s a dog’s life!!

Nipper found a wonderful home with Belinda on the Central Coast just before Xmas and is obviously having a whale of a time with playmate Barney the Lab. I think we would all say ‘half her luck’!!

Thanks Belinda for giving Nipper such a marvellous home and life.

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Victorian Greyhounds do well

Our new representative in Victoria, Kayleigh, is working wonders down there. Of the 7 greyhounds that we have sent down so far, Shawee has already been adopted into a new home with Ruth and Tony, Butch has gone on a two week trial with another family and the others are all settled into excellent foster homes.


So congratulations to Ruth and Tony for adopting our first Victorian greyhound and particular thanks to Kayleigh for the hard work and effort she is putting in on behalf of Greyhound Rescue in Victoria. We and the greyhounds very much appreciate your dedication to the task of finding homes for these beautiful animals.

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Curly goes to Curl Curl!!!

He came with the name of Joe because the ladies at the Pound needed a name to put on his papers, but he soon became known as Curly because of his most unusual tail.

And to make the story even more unusual, on Monday of this week Curly went to new home and guess where? Curl Curl of course on Sydney’s Northern Beaches!!!

Good luck to Curly, who has been joined in his new home by girl friend, the beautiful Maggie the Smooch

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Andy and Sally…who could resist this pair?


Andy and Sally have found their forever home with Stephanie and Luca.

Andy and Sally’s current foster carer says: ‘This pair should be called Tweedledum and Tweedledee!  They are never far apart from each other, they eat together, sleep together, walk together.  The bond that they share is extraordinary considering they didn’t come into rescue together!  Sally and Andy are both around 6 years old (only a month or two difference),  and are just the sweetest dogs.  They are so affectionate that when you walk around they will prance along next to you with their cheeks pressed to your leg!  Sally and Andy are house-trained, and would be ideal for someone that works full-time as they have each other for company.  However be warned, Sally sometimes thinks she is a lap dog and has been known to drape herself around one’s shoulders!’

Andy and Sally’s previous foster carer wrote:

‘Andy and Sally have been with us for about 5 weeks.  In that time we have seen them grow, and become more comfortable with us, each other and their surroundings.  They both love to learn and just really want to please.  They are great company for each other and for many of our friends who like to pop in and visit us (but they really want to see Andy and Sally not us!)

They both love their walks, although do get a bit tired after about
20-25 mins when they then need a good rest!

Andy loves to carefully collect all his possessions and put them in a
big pile in the centre in the kitchen every morning.  Sally prefers to
sleep in,  having developed a fondness for the biggest sofa in the

Andy and Sally are:

* 6 years old

* desexed

* vaccinated

* microchipped

* heartworm tested and injected

* cost $300 each or neg

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Did you know that?

Greyhounds like company and games!! Nothing like a game of Tug of War with a friend!!


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4 greyhounds head to Victoria

greyhoundrescuecomaup1120692greyhoundrescue-2comaup1110462Just a week ago Louis, Rex, Shawee and Thomas headed to Victoria from Sydney where Kayleigh is doing some great work for Greyhound Rescue to find foster homes and permanent homes for our greyhounds. Already, Kayleigh, who lives in the Packenham area, east of Melbourne, has found foster homes for the four and is busy organising more.

So, if anyone in Victoria can help her by adopting , fostering, fundraising, donating, etc. please contact her on 03 5940 8787 or 0424 569 148

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Oldies find homes

p1130514Stacey came with 4 of her offspring. We found a home for Princess who is 9 years old, even before she went on the website and this week Baby, 8 years old, also found a home. It is wonderful that there are kind people out there who are willing to take on the not so young greyhounds and give them a comfortable and loving home in their later years.

Our main priority now is to find a home for Stacey,  and daughter April, so that Stacey’s remaining days are not spent in kennels. She deserves better than that. Have a look at Stacey in the ‘Dogs Available’ section and if you feel you have a home to offer this grand old lady, then please contact us as soon as possible.

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Sarah has successfully completed her two week trial with Alyson and family and found her forever home.

These photos probably do not do justice to the very soft and gentle nature of Sarah. She really is a ‘sweetheart’ who will make some family a wonderful companion. Sarah is 6 years old and in the other ‘Dogs Available’ you will see Jack, Charlie and Anne who are Sarah’s offspring, who are aged 4 years, so Sarah had her puppies at a very tender age and would not have raced. Sarah has recently taken young Curly under her wing, further proof of her strong maternal instincts.

Sarah is:

*  6 years old

*  desexed

*  vaccinated

*  microchipped

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $300

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greyhoundrescue-2comauShawee has found her forever home with her foster carers, Ruth and Tony, near Melbourne, Victoria.

Shawee is the daughter of Stacey and sister of April, previously mentioned on the website and is also looking for a home.

She is an older, gentle girl who has a lovely personality and would make an excellent family pet.

Shawee is:

*  8 years old

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $250

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Louis Now “Max”


Louis has found his forever home in Victoria.

Louis is a beautiful and unique greyhound. His coat is a stunning beige colour, and has a beautiful silky smooth texture. This, along with his stockier build, makes him a very handsome boy indeed.

He is very trusting and sensitive and gets on really well with other dogs , both large and small, as well as children. he is toilet trained and walks very easily on a lead.

Louis would be well suited to a family situation with at least one other dog as he loves company and where regular affection and cuddles abound.

Louis is currently living with 3 small dogs in his foster home and is having lots of fun playing with them all!! He is a very special greyhound with loads of personality.

Louis would make a life long friend to a family lucky enough to provide his forever home.

Louis the greyhound

Louis is:

  • 4 years old (dob March 2006)
  • desexed
  • microchipped
  • vaccinated
  • heartworm tested and injected
  • costs $250
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