New Year, new action

Xmas was extremely quiet for greyhound inquiries but the New Year has burst upon us with renewed activity and in the last two weeks 5 greyhounds have gone to prospective homes, namely Angie,Poppy, Amy, Girlie, Judy.

So good luck to all the greyhounds and all the families

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A brave and loyal greyhound

This is a very moving story and shows that while greyhounds are known to be gentle and affectionate, they are also loyal and brave as well.

‘We have just lost our beloved rescue greyhound Lily. Lily was attacked while I was walking her with my 8 yo daughter. Lily sustained horrific injuries from which she did not recover, despite the most intensive vet care possible. Lily, a dog born to run did not, instead she put her body between mine and the attacking dog.
Just wanted people who read this to know that greyhounds are also loyal and brave as well as kind and gentle.’  Bronwyn.

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Tiger has at last found his forever home.

Tiger was the first of several 2010 greyhounds to arrive with us and what a striking young greyhound he is with lots of character. Tiger is only 20 months old and obviously failed to make the grade for racing but in the short time that he has been with us he has shown only the best of qualities. He seems to be quiet and well behaved but still shows the puppyish side of himself. He has mixed in with our other greyhounds easily, has met and got on well with the small dogs and walks easily on the lead. A charming young greyhound who will make someone a wonderful family pet.




Tiger is:

*  18 months old (dob Aug 2008)

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested and injected

*  costs $250

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Thank you for the help

We would like to extend a very big thank you to:

*  those who have helped us throughout the year, in particular our foster carers and those at the ‘coal face’

*  those of you who have adopted one of our greyhounds, saved a life and given them a loving home. 26 families so far have adopted a greyhound from us in 2009. Can we make it 30 before the New Year?

*  those of you who have helped by making donations, etc

*  those who have helped us through their business, Petbiz at Belrose and Balgowlah, McDonad’s butchers at Dee Why, Forestville Printing, Annette at Baliz Woof Woof, Greg at Barkshire Kennels, Box Hill and Williams River Vet Clinics, The Manly Daily, The Pure Platinum Club.

*  anyone else who has helped in any manner at all

We wish you all The Season’s Greetings for a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to your continued support in 2010.

Thank you again

Peter and Jan

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Fundraiser at The Pure Platinum Club raises $2000

‘Recently The Pure Platinum Club at 252, Pitt St, Sydney did a Fundraiser with some of the proceeds going to Greyhound Rescue. It was a great evening, run and organised by Rob Batchelor  who was in great form as MC. He had put together an impressive programme for the evening, the highlight of which were some very professional performances by the girls.
Greyhound Rescue is indebted to Rob and the girls in particular, but also to anyone else who came along to support us, as $2000 was raised and donated to Greyhound Rescue from the evenings proceedings.
Thank you to everyone who made the evening so successful and enjoyable. Apart from anything else we had a great night out and it was really good fun.
Peter and Jan
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Benjamin has found his forever home and is no longer available.

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Trevor’s new home

As you know we recently announced that Trevor, our wannabe greyhound, had recently found his forever home.  We went for a visit and here are a couple of photos – just look at that smile!  Ross absolutely loves Trev, and thinks he’s the bees knees. (So do we!)  Ross is amazed at how well Trev has fit into his life “He’s so intelligent and affectionate, he doesn’t mind lying among the woodchips down in my workshop when I am downstairs, although he much prefers the sofa upstairs!  At night he comes on to my bed for a cuddle then jumps down onto his doggy bed to go to sleep, when I wake up in the morning his tail is already wagging!”  A huge thank you to Ross for giving Trevor a wonderful home, we wish you many happy years of companionship.


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A good and a sad story

Many  Trainers get rid of their greyhounds once their racing days are over or failed to start, although there are a few who love their greyhounds sufficiently to keep them. One such person south of Canberra loved all his greyhounds dearly and would not let them go, having one of them for 11 years and this is the good part of the story. However, failing health has  prevented him from looking after them properly in recent times and he is very ill which is the sad part of the story. He worried a lot about what might happen to his beloved greyhounds if they fell into the wrong hands but has finally entrusted them to us to find new homes for them.

All greyhounds are special but perhaps these are extra special and deserve to find new, loving homes worthy of their original owner. It would make him very happy to know that they have found good owners, so if you could find room for one of these beautiful greyhounds in your home, then you would be doing something beautiful to.

Solo, Joseph, Kelly and Blueboy are the greyhounds in question. See them in ‘Dogs Available’

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Kelly has gone to a home and is no longer available.

Kelly is one of the four greyhounds in the story ‘A good and a sad story’, see the News section.

Kelly is getting on at 11 years of age and is a beautiful, gentle sweetheart who will need lots of TLC in her remaining years. She has been much loved all her life by her original owner and deserves a special home.


Kelly is:

11 years old (dob Oct 1998)



heartworm tested and injected

costs $250 neg

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Blueboy has found his forever home with Nora and David.

Blueboy is one of the four greyhounds in ‘A good and a sad story’, see the News section.

Blueboy is a big, magnificent blue greyhound who has lots of character and loves to play. He really is something special and having spent a lifetime in kennels, he recently came home with us and adapted to home life very quickly, as the second two photos show. He gets on well with all the other dogs, whatever the size, loves to play and walks easily on a lead. He also gets on well with children and would make an excellent family pet.


p1120880p1120293Blueboy is:

4 years old (dob May 2005)




heartworm tested and injected

costs $250

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