A special birthday present for Greyhound Rescue

Mortdale’s Pei Xiang asked for donations to Greyhound Rescue, instead of presents for her 13th birthday. Her birthday party collection for this Sydney charity, which finds homes for hundreds of ex-racers each year, raised over $400.

Pei said she got the idea to use her birthday for fundraising because she has always loved greyhounds.
“I always look at all the beautiful dogs on the Greyhound Rescue website. I got this idea because Mike Baird said he was going to help the greyhounds but when he changed his mind I was really upset. I wanted to help Greyhound Rescue because they help so many dogs,” said Pei.

Pei talked to her friends at school about what she was doing. She also let her friends know about her special request on her party invitation. Pei said her friends were not surprised that she had this idea as they know how much she loves greyhounds: “They said it was a great thing to do.”

“I designed a special collection box decorated with the Greyhound Rescue logo and put lots
of photos of greyhounds on the box. When my friends arrived at the party we placed their donations into the box,” said Pei. “I was so excited to find out how much money we had raised. When we opened the box we couldn’t believe we had raised over $400.”

Pei’s Mum, Belinda, said Pei was keen to present a cheque to the Sydney charity. “We arranged for Pei to meet up with Greyhound Rescue’s founders, Peter and Janet Flann, to present her cheque. Pei was in heaven, surrounded by these beautiful dogs,” said Belinda.

Pei said it was such a great feeling that said she would definitely use a future birthday to raise funds for charity.

Read the full article at the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader

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