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Adam (Homed)

Adam is kindly sponsored by Carol and Nicole.   “I’m Adam and me and my friend Amelia arrived together looking  a bit neglected! Thanks to the volunteers at GR I’m now a happy healthy boy and ready for a home. I am  a bit of a dude once you get past my shyness and think myself […]

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Jack (Homed)

Jack is being sponsored by Lee Barry. Thank you ! My name is Jack and I am a professional snuggler. OK, maybe not professional, there isn’t a diploma for that, but if there were I would pass with honours. I am looking for someone who needs LOTS of cuddles. I am very good with other […]

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Ana (Homed)

Ana is kindly sponsored by Anna.   My name is Ana and I am just a young girl looking for a special someone to share a couch with and have all to myself. I am playful and a little cheeky, I may or may not have a tendency to steal relocate items to  better place […]

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Clark Kent (Homed)

Clark Kent is kindly sponsored by Samantha.   I’m Clark Kent and just like my namesake I have an alter ego! When you first meet me I am a little shy, perhaps a little fumbly but once I feel comfy around you I’m all go just like Superman! I arrived with my friend Lois and […]

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Lui (Homed)

Lui is proudly sponsored by Susan & Alexandria.   My name is Lui and I like company. There are some doggies that like to be on their own but I am not one of those, I will get far too sad! What I am after is a family that has at least one doggy I […]

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Charlie (Homed)

The name’s Charlie there’s nothing ‘Tailend Charlie’ about me – the way I zoom I’ll always be first in line for a play! I am good natured, cuddly, and looking for a family with a sense of fun. Of course, I’m also pretty good at napping, it is what greyhounds do best after all. So […]

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Teddy (Homed)

Teddy is proudly sponsored by Mali & Nerida.   My name’s Teddy and I am cuddly just like teddy bear too! (If you are one of the lady folk I do like a bosom to rest my head on hee hee hee). I am a pretty lazy lad, I’ll chill out on my bed, go […]

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Stephanie (Homed)

Stephanie is proudly sponsored by Fiona & Daniel.   I am one of the smallest little girls you will ever meet – to make myself look taller I put my ears up (if I was human I’d wear high heels…) I have excellent hearing and can hear a packet open a mile away (you know, […]

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Gigi (Homed)

Gigi is kindly sponsored by Christine.   My name is Gigi and just like my namesake I am a petite, charming, and have plenty of personality. I am quite sure they must have been thinking about me when they wrote “Thank Heaven for Little Girls!” I am looking for a home that wants to have […]

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Rambo (Homed)

Rambo is proudly sponsored by Ally & Dimity.   The name’s Rambo, I’m a lover not a fighter, but I am a man on a mission. My objective is to win the heart of millions on behalf of greyhounds everywhere, and ensure there isn’t a lonely couch in the country. Of course, I’d consider it […]

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