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Twix (Homed)

Hi I’m Twix, and I’m as sweet as any chocolate bar! I am great with other dogs, good natured, and good with children. I would happily live with other doggy company and I’m looking for somewhere with a little bit of room for me to go outside, so would not suit an inner city unit. […]

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George (Homed)

George is kindly sponsored by Karen, Amanda .   You know, there are soooo many famous Georges out there…. Prince George, Boy George, George Columbaris, George of the Jungle…but you haven’t met the best of them yet. Oh, haven’t I introduced myself yet? That would be me, I’m George! I’m a bit of a dude […]

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Mouse (Homed)

Mouse is kindly sponsored by Leigh & Pat.   Would you like a little mouse in your house? Of course you would if that mouse was me! At six years old I am well past the puppy stage and looking for the finer things in life to enjoy – sedate walks, long naps, fine dining […]

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Caprice (Homed)

  Caprice is kindly sponsored by Carly, Shane, Kayne, & Michele.   I’m Caprice and although I can be a little shy at first I’m getting used to all this love and attention from the volunteers! With my salt and pepper snout I may look an old lady but let’s just say I am dignified […]

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Digger (Homed)

Digger is kindly sponsored by Vanessa, Paul, Jackie, Alexandra, Amber, Flora & Liz.   The name’s Digger and I’m prepared to dig my way through all the blankies and onto your bed…er I mean couch…ummm. Whoops dobbed myself in there! Like most greyhounds I’m looking for the comfiest spot I can find. I’m a young […]

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Timon (Homed)

Timon is kindly sponsored by Suzi & Ally.   I’m Timon and I’m no passing craze – if you adopt me you’ll have no worries for the rest of your days! Ok, so maybe not all worries for you (certainly my worries will be over) but adopting a houndie is very good for your health […]

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Eleanor (Homed)

Eleanor is kindly sponsored by Christine, Laura, Fiona, Noral & Andy.   I’m Eleanor and I’m an elegant lady of 6 that is ready to settle down. Past my puppy years and plenty of love and life left to give I would love a family who would let me live quietly having plenty of long […]

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Xaviour (Homed)

Xaviour is kindly sponsored by Ross, Jordan, Margot & Taryn. I’m Xaviour with an X – the X is for X-tra exciting! I’m a dude that likes my own space and doesn’t like to share the limelight so I need a pad that will let me be top dog. Things that cramp my style are […]

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Hannah (Homed)

Hannah is kindly sponsored by Silvia, Sarah, Daniel, Fiona, Jodi, Ashley & Nathan.   Hello I’m Hannah, a cheeky little miss ready to steal your heart! I have the cleverest ears that go straight up when I see or hear something interesting, especially if you have a squeaky toy. Oh boy oh boy I LOOOOOVE […]

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Evita (Homed)

Evita is kindly sponsored by Shane, Emma, Alexandra, Toni, Fiona & Nicole.   I’m Evita and I’m not your typical greyhound! All these other greyhound girls with their tiny butts and being all snooty and supermodels but I’m not like that at all! I’ve got a curvy figure and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ll […]

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