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Joshua (Homed)

Joshua  is kindly sponsored by Mali ! “I’m Joshua and I am a very handsome boy looking for my perfect match. I am better looking that Josh Groban ; I have more charisma than Josh Hartnett ; and I’m more entertaining than Josh Thomas.   I am one of GR’s most handsome fellas, I just have […]

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Nina (Homed)

Nina is kindly sponsored by Dimity.   “I’m Nina and I’m a ballerina when I do my little pirouettes to greet you! I am also very good at kisses. I’m a friendly red fawn girl that would like to be queen of your dancing floor…well…to be honest I’m a greyhound, so I would probably only […]

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Beaver (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Beaver is kindly sponsored by Jillian.   “Hi I’m Beaver ….although I’m not really a beaver, I’m just trying to go all incognito – I’m actually a very furry cuddly greyhound! Unlike real beavers I just don’t have the skill or inclination to build my own lodge, so I’m here at GR hoping that someone […]

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Christopher (non -Greyhound) Homed

“Hi I’m Christopher and you may have noticed that I don’t look like other greyhounds. You see, what happened was, I was at the pound with no other options (very sad I know) and I heard them say there was a limo heading out to Greyhound Rescue, where I heard they find the best homes. […]

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Ned (Homed)

Ned is kindly sponsored by Shan, Rogan & Katrina. “I’m Ned and I’m a handsome blue fawn boy that just wants to bust outta here and have fun! I’m a bit of a larrikin, and I’ve heard whispers that I must have been named after Ned Kelly for my love of roguish capers. Surely my […]

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Lucky (Homed)

Lucky is kindly sponsored by Noral & Andy. Lucky’s foster family have this to say about “Lucky Duck” ” Lucky is the most adorable boy we could ask for. “We have been fostering him for a few months now and he gets along fabulously with our two greyhounds and a Jack Russell cross Daisy. He […]

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Lucky Star (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Lucky Star really is a Lucky star! Many of you will have followed her story and contributed to the costs of her care -thank you so much for your donations! Lucky is ready to be adopted, and this darling little girl will make someone very lucky indeed to have her in their lives. She is […]

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Paddy (Homed)

  Paddy is kindly sponsored by Jaci & Rob. “Well hello my name’s Paddy as can only be expected from a red headed lad like myself! I’m a very happy gentle boy that just loves to get visitors – I smile so hard I think my snout might split! My grin might look fierce but […]

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Clyde (Homed)

Clyde is kindly sponsored by Ross.   “Hi I’m Clyde and I arrived with my friend Bonnie. Unlike my namesake the only robbing spree I will go on is to steal the heart of everyone I meet ….ok, ok, if you adopt me I will admit I might just steal your toast or anything tasty […]

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Griffin (Homed)

Griffin is kindly sponsored by Laura.   Hi I’m Griffin and although I may not look like a griffin I’m actually a greyhound which is far more handsome y’know! hmmm. Perhaps you could call me a griffhound? Just like the stories I’m as majestic and strong as a griffin, and if I join your family […]

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